a·lac·ri·ty [uh-lak-ri-tee] cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness
Europe: London BioScience Innovation Centre 2 Royal College Street London NW1 0NH
USA: Cambridge Innovation Center 1 Broadway, 14th Floor Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02142

About Alacrita

We are building the preeminent life science consulting firm. We bring together world class expertise to deliver real value to our clients.

We believe that seasoned industry expertise is essential to deliver value to a sophisticated life science client – inexperienced juniors who “borrow your watch to tell you the time” are conspicuously absent from Alacrita. We hand-pick genuine experts to form tailored project teams, and work with them to define and address the challenges our clients are facing.

We take the best of traditional strategy consulting and independent specialist consultants to create a new service model. From traditional consulting, we take the caliber, professionalism and intellectual rigor of the world’s top firms, and from specialist consulting, we take the benefits of years of experience in industry, deep domain expertise, commercial pragmatism and flexibility.

We have an unrivaled network of experts who have operated across the spectrum of life sciences. Many are industry veterans with 25+ years of experience, others are professional independent consultants operating in the life science arena. We have carefully selected them all and draw upon their specific capabilities and expertise when required. They combine extensive international industry experience (strategic, technical and commercial), broad functional capabilities and a track record of success across the industry.

We work across the spectrum of life sciences from product innovation to development and through to commercialization; from CMC to BLA, from manufacturing audits to payer and marketing strategy and from intellectual property to valuations. We cover the waterfront of healthcare life science industries including pharma, biotech, cell therapies, diagnostics, personalized medicine, OTC/self-care and nutrition. AlacraMed was formed as a spin out from Alacrita in October 2015 to better serve its growing number of medtech clients.

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