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Alacrita is different from other consulting firms: the vast majority of our consultants have had significant careers in industry prior to joining us.

This expertise base underpins our unique market position, and enables us to provide very high-quality advice that has been tempered by years of front-line experience.

For this reason, we rarely offer entry-level positions, nor do we hire freshly-minted MBAs.

If you have an exceptional track record including at least 15 years of senior industry or consulting experience and would like to be considered for life science consulting assignments, please send us an email so we can learn more about your capabilities.

We are also actively seeking individuals with outstanding expertise in fields within our core strategic interests to join our growing team of Partners.

Associates work exclusively through Alacrita and enjoy a number of benefits, including the support of Alacrita’s Partners, access to our global network of consultants and the opportunity to leverage our administrative functions

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