a·lac·ri·ty [uh-lak-ri-tee] cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness
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USA: Cambridge Innovation Center 1 Broadway, 14th Floor Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02142

Our People

Rob Johnson


Rob is a business development consultant and manages the firm’s US office. He has a particular interest in oncology, particularly immune-oncology, and AAV gene therapy and provides business development, valuation and licensing support to biotech and pharma companies. Example projects in which Rob has played a leading role include:

  • Ongoing engagement to source new opportunities and deal-flow from Massachusetts for a big pharma company. Priority areas of interest are immune-oncology, oncology, immunoscience, cardiovascular, fibrosis and genetically defined diseases
  • Ongoing relationship with Debiopharm International, a well-capitalized Swiss pharma company, where he is responsible for the identification of in-licensing opportunities in oncology, autoimmune, metabolic disease and anti-bacterial therapeutic areas
  • Out-licensing support for a drug discovery company developing a novel cancer metabolism inhibitor and a first in class metabolic disease inhibitor
  • Partnering and business development support to a biotech company developing a first in class small molecule in Phase I/II clinical trials
  • Partnering and business development support to a drug discovery company with a portfolio of novel small molecules designed to treat diabetes, HIV and cancer metabolism
  • Partnering and business development support to a drug discovery company engaged in negotiations with a pharma company about an alliance in diabetes.
  • Out-licensing support for a novel antibacterial product active against gram negatives
  • Partnering support for an academic group developing a new AAV gene therapy platform
  • In-licensing support and due diligence for a North American company searching for early stage oncology assets
  • For an established cancer vaccines company looking to spin out an adoptive T-cell therapy company, contributed to the new business plan and built a valuation model for the new company. Provided critical review of numerous drafts of the business plan and asked by the client to write the commercialization and pricing sections of the business plan
  • Developed rNPV valuations for three different programs, incorporating Monte Carlo simulations into the financial model to account for real-world uncertainty
  • Biologics strategy for an established US biotech company
  • Pharma-partnering roadmap for a diagnostics company
  • Strategic planning support for a leading supplier of histocompatibility and immunogenetics services.
  • Valuation of an oncology drug to support a royalty monetisation transaction
  • Valuation model, incorporating monte carlo simulation, of an early stage oncology therapy to support a license negotiation with big pharma
  • Business development and marketing roadmap for a vaccine services provider
  • Licensing of a technology platform from a university into a new start-up
  • Due diligence on a cell therapy reagents company
  • Commercial due diligence on a novel diabetes product
  • Literature review and KOL interviews to develop clinical strategy for a novel oncology drug
  • Business plan and investor presentation to support a Series B financing for a European oncology company
  • Biotechnology strategy and biosafety regulatory framework for an emerging economy
  • Set out a commercialisation roadmap for a novel, recombinant biomaterial

Rob Johnson established Alacrita in 2009 and opened Alacrita’s US office in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2012.

Prior to forming Alacrita, Rob Johnson was Head of Business Development at Onyvax, a biotechnology company specializing in the development of cancer immunotherapies. At Onyvax he supported scientific teams with the identification, negotiation and management of R&D collaborations and out-sourcing contracts. He also had primary responsibility for in-licensing, out-licensing and M&A.

He has a BSc in biochemistry from the University of Nottingham.

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