a·lac·ri·ty [uh-lak-ri-tee] cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness
Europe: London BioScience Innovation Centre 2 Royal College Street London NW1 0NH
USA: Cambridge Innovation Center 1 Broadway, 14th Floor Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02142

Industry Segment

Our team of over 50 life science consultants has expertise spanning:

– small molecules
– antibodies, vaccines & cell therapies
– OTC healthcare
– medtech
– radiopharmaceuticals & medical imaging

Small Molecules

Alacrita’s pharma consultants have experience of working in both biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise spans pharmaceutical drug discovery, CMC, preclinical development and clinical trials. Our team’s experience includes:

  • preparation of dozens of successful IND, CTA submissions and NDA approvals for important medicines including Retrovir, Ziagen and Lexiva
  • developing novel strategies for the formulation of poorly soluble pharmaceutical molecules including solid amorphous dispersions and cocrystals
  • design and management of numerous product development plans, including contracting for manufacturing, analysis, safety assessment and regulatory filings
  • over thirty years working on drug design and delivery, playing major roles in the development of >15 commercial products (oral, topical, transdermal and parenteral)

Antibodies, Vaccines & Cell Therapies

Our biologics team covers early stage antibody discovery and development through to GMP manufacturing and clinical trials. We have expertise in the development of vaccines, both to prevent infectious disease and allergies and to treat cancer. Our team’s experience includes:

  • optimising therapeutic leads arising from CAT’s phage display technology on both internal and collaborative projects, leading to the development of Humira, the successful anti-TNFα antibody
  • Qualified Person with extensive experience in biologics manufacturing. Formerly Head of Quality at Cambridge Antibody Technology
  • progressed several human mAbs from preclinical development into Man
  • directed clinical, medical and regulatory teams which took the second-generation smallpox vaccine, ACAM2000 from IND to BLA submission in less than four years (FDA approval in August 2007)
  • submitted 2 BLAs, 8 INDs and 3 CTXs for a range of vaccine candidates for smallpox, Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever, yellow fever, influenza, C. difficile, ETEC, typhoid and H. pylori
  • over ten years developing a complex cell therapy product. Initiated seven clinical trial protocols recruiting over 300 patients in Europe and the USA, including three randomized trials. The product comprised three separate, whole cell preparations and was distributed to clinical centres across Europe through a validated, GMP cold chain

OTC Healthcare

Our OTC Healthcare team has spent time in multinational companies developing global brands. Particular experience includes:

  • new product development of brands including Nurofen, Strepsils, E45, Optrex, Sweetex
  • responsibility for creating and driving a portfolio of initiatives to source technologies and launch new healthcare brands, making significant transactions in France, Germany, Italy and USA
  • established the fastest growing OTC company in Europe, with sales of £460m and profits of £70m


Our medtech consultants have broad industry experience spanning in vitro diagnostics and medical devices:

  • led investments in Cozart Group PLC, Stanmore Implants, AOI Medical Inc.
  • board member of 10 med tech companies, both public & private, in the UK, EU, Israel and USA
  • 20 years hands-on operational experience in the in vitro diagnostics industry, including R&D, Manufacturing, QC and QA
  • over ten years as Head of a Medical and in vitro diagnostics Notified Body
  • responsible for a CE marking business with key IVD players including Abbott Diagnostics Division and Abbott Molecular Division (USA and Ireland), the National Blood Service (England, Wales and Scotland) and the National Institute for Biological Standards and Controls
  • 30 years IVD experience with Murex and Abbott Diagnostics, spanning site management, operations, monoclonal antibody and recombinant antigen scale up, planning and execution of international manufacture transfers and technical trouble shooting
  • held interim management posts in companies developing molecular diagnostics, clinical trial software, electro-surgery, lung ventilation and oxygen generation & CO2 absorption products
  • completed over 300 medical device and in vitro diagnostics audits world wide

Radiopharmaceuticals & Medical Imaging

Our radiophamaceuticals specialist has 25 years international experience of the diagnostic imaging industry specialising in radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine imaging. He held senior managerial positions in sales, marketing, company management, manufacturing and R&D. Key achievements include:

  • formed and managed strategic collaborative agreements with global big pharma companies to enable co-development of radio-diagnostics and therapeutics, with future co-marketing options
  • board director of several JVs with world leading academic medical imaging research groups established to deliver enhanced research capability to GE Healthcare
  • developed ‘Spin Signal Technology’ (hyperpolarised gas MRI) from an academic invention to a proven imaging technology with commercial potential. Established technology transfer deals with big pharma to accelerate progress to market
  • developed a commercial PET (positron emission technology) operation to accelerate therapeutic drug research and development. Marketed this service to ‘big pharma’ under the GE Imanet brand