a·lac·ri·ty [uh-lak-ri-tee] cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness
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Trusted people

Simon Turner

With experience as a management consultant, investor and biotech CEO, Simon advises on technology commercialisation and strategic development issues…

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Case studies

An ex-US business development strategy

Alacrita's diagnostics consultants were tasked with developing an ex-US business development strategy and identifying sources of non-dilutive finance for a well-funded venture capital funded diagnostics company.

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Alacrita has substantial expertise in antibody discovery, development and commercialisation. We have helped a number of clients assess antibody opportunities, including target and technology assessment, strategic valuation and biosimilar market positioning...

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Antibodies to treat bacterial infections

Alacrita's antibody consultants conducted a review of the potential of modern antibody technologies to treat severe bacterial infections. Alacrita detailed the challenges involved, the types of target available and conducted a review of the industry's antibody pipeline. We conducted a SWOT analysis on monoclonal antibody technologies that the client had encountered with respect to their applicability to bacterial infections, with suggestions of other technologies that the company should consider.

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Biomarker identification technology

Alacrita’s antibody consultants were engaged to help a start-up company that had developed a suite of proprietary antibody technologies to identify accessible cell surface proteins for discovery of candidate therapeutic mAb targets and/or biomarkers...

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Board observer for private equity investor

On behalf of a private equity (PE) investor, an Alacrita partner was retained as an observer on the board of a regenerative medicine/advanced wound healing company where he contributed to BoD discussions based on his industry expertise and strategic understanding gained through a long association with companies in similar stages of development.

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