a·lac·ri·ty [uh-lak-ri-tee] cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness
Europe: London BioScience Innovation Centre 2 Royal College Street London NW1 0NH
USA: Cambridge Innovation Center 1 Broadway, 14th Floor Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02142

Our services

We work with organisations of all sizes including academic institutes, tech transfer, life science investors, startup companies and established organisations.

With our wide network of associates, we undertake defined consulting projects and/or provide hands-on management support. We also serve on clients’ boards as non-executive directors.

We leverage front-line industry experience with proven track records in consulting to help our clients create sustainable value.

Due Diligence

Alacrita’s due diligence efforts are led by a senior Partner at Alacrita. We select a team of high performing technical consultants who are precisely matched to the client’s need. That team then works alongside the Partner, providing a seamless service to the client.

We undertake all aspects of due diligence, including science/technology, IP, development, regulatory, manufacturing and commercial. Our clients have included pharma companies, biotech companies and financial investors and some selected examples of our life science due diligence are listed on our case studies page.

Strategy & Planning

We work closely with client teams to define technology, market and product strategies and translate these into real-world operational plans. Our scope includes:

  • market entry strategy
  • corporate and business development
  • portfolio and diversification strategy
  • product development and strategy
  • medical imaging (case studies)
  • formulation of business plans

Reality Check

In situations requiring external objectivity, or where specific skills and experience are not represented amongst the leadership team, a Reality Check can provide an effective ‘deep dive’ into a given issue.

A Reality Check is often a useful checkpoint before entering formal due diligence and can reveal the areas that present greatest risk and which should therefore be the key focus of more detailed analysis.

There are other times when an external Reality Check pays dividends:

  • projects, patent applications and procedures can take on a life of their own, and organisational inertia masks the need for a decision
  • even for an experienced management team, external experience with a different perspective may reveal unseen issues
  • virtual teams can benefit from periodic input from experienced professionals when it is not necessary to make a part time appointment

Alacrita’s team provides a rapid, efficient and expert Reality Check tailored to your needs.

Operational Support

Having held senior management positions in both start-up and established life science companies, Alacrita’s consultants add value to a client’s management team from the outset.

We provide part time management support (or even an entire management team) in start-up situations or where work-load is not sufficient to justify a full-time appointment.

Expertise includes:

  • General management
  • Business planning
  • Preclinical development
  • Clinical development
  • Formulation and drug delivery
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Medical affairs
  • Quality systems
  • CMC/manufacturing
  • IP management
  • Business development